Purify and mattify
Purify and mattify

Purifying Clay Mask

Antioxidant Lumiphenols & Sacred Lotus
All skin types, even sensitive.

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96 % of ingredients are of natural origin.

Environmental aggressions, alternating between hot and cold, unbalanced diets and hormonal changes all take their toll on the skin. It finds it hard to maintain its balance. Overworked, it responds by producing too much sebum, which makes the complexion blotchy and shiny. Action must be taken! Who is it for? Women who want to purify their skin, but gently, so they can restore its balance in the face of daily aggressions. Even sensitive skin can use it! For the first time, a mask formulated with clay reveals an extra-light, mousse texture that transforms into a purifying paste beneath the fingertips. It then exfoliates the skin when massaged before the final rinsing. The fresh, aromatic scent is a blend of mint, mandarin orange and jasmine.

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